You can feel better. I will help you get there.
During my mania, I feel like I can do anything,
my self-worth skyrockets. The best part is that
I’m so optimistic about everything.

It’s Both A Blessing And A Curse
to feel everything so deeply
The good news is that you haven’t gone mad. The other good news, is that with properly medication management, you can learn how to leverage the positive symptoms of bipolar disorder to your advantage, while regulating/diminishing the negative ones.
5.7 Million Adults In The U.S. Are
Affected Annually By Bipolar Disorder;
that’s a whole lot of adults
I Am Still Me
no matter my mental health.
Formerly called ‘Manic Depression,’ Bipolar Disorder causes extreme mood swings that cycle, relatively quickly, without precipitation from euphoria (manic/hypomanic episodes) to feeling hopeless and depressed.

You may feel euphoric and full of energy one moment then despondent the next. Significant changes in sleep patterns; energy and activity accompany these mood swings.

The goal of treatment is to capture/preserve the positive feelings of empowerment and self-confidence while mitigating negative feelings of depression and the fast cycling in between.


“Have I gone mad?”
“I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers.”
“But I’ll tell you a secret,
all of the best people are!”
-Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland

The pain you feel inside is unbearable. Your chest aches. You can’t get up from bed. People think they understand what you’re going through, but they don’t.

I Am Trying My Hardest
 not to act how I feel
We all have our ups and downs, but with bipolar disorder, these peaks and valleys are more severe and pronounced.

As you know, the symptoms of bipolar disorder can disrupt your daily life, your career and your relationships.

You can alter this trajectory by seeking and receiving quality treatment.

I’ve Stabilized Thousands
of Patients with Bipolar who are
now leading “normal” fulfilled lives
If you’re compliant with your meds and consistent with your med-management check-ins, you’ll soon experience a regulation of your feelings
Therapy is also an important component of treatment.

I offer both psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in conjunction with medication management.

In general therapy focuses on improving a patient’s understanding of their own situation, thoughts, and behavior or their relationships with others.

Bipolar Disorder Is A Real Medical Illness
it’s not something you can cure with willpower
As a seasoned provider who has helped literally thousand of patients like you get well, I’m sensitive to the emotional support required throughout this process and avail myself to patients via text, phone and email; I’m here when you need me.

Treatment will give you back your life, your career and your relationships.


To be honest I didn't think you were going to be able to help.

And just wanted to say thank you for always coming through for me.

I really hope that you know how much I appreciate you helping me out so much!



Hi Chris. I really appreciate you getting me in so quickly.

If you are able to accept me as a hardship client I would be grateful.

I can bring in my Social Security benefit letter. I am low income.

My job is part time and mostly seasonal.

Thank You!


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