You deserve to feel better. I can help.

Closing The Gap Between

Patient And Provider

And you are not your mental illness. You are a person. You have a life story that contains valuable details. Together we’ll figure what’s going on with you and the best approach to treatment.

Mental illness is a disease of the brain and mind, not failures of will and character.

If you were diagnosed with diabetes and medicine
was indicated, would you think twice?

My goal is for you to leave your first session feeling better than when you arrived.
You’ve come to the right place for help and your treatments starts right away.

It takes guts, courage and vulnerability to reach out; three key core values that will
greatly assist you in gaining control of your diagnoses.

Offering You Treatment In The Moment

When You Need It Most

There Is No Health Without Mental Health

And No Treatment Without Trust Between A Patient And A Provider

Mental illness doesn’t clock in at 9 am and out at 5 pm. Being present in a moment of crisis can make all the difference in how you navigate a given situation and the outcome you create.

A little support at the right time reinforces the self-confidence you possess and reinforces the skills you’ve acquired to take the actions that yield a positive outcome to an otherwise overwhelming event.

It’s important for me to provide patients with access to my services on an as-needed basis by email, phone or text.

Sometimes it’s just knowing I’m there that makes all the difference.

My Patients Call Me, “Chris”

No Pretense. No Agenda. No Nonsense.

Sadly The Stigma Associated With Mental Illness is still a negative one

It helps us believe that no one will understand what we’re going through and no one can help. Worse yet, we feel isolated in our struggle and ashamed of our inability to “get over it.”

You might be surprised to find out that you and I are more similar than we are different.

Being a provider doesn’t mean I’m exempt from my own struggles or that I’ve never sought assistance to guide my journey towards my own well-being.

If you’re ready commitment yourself to treatment you too can live your life symptom free, feeling even better than you did before.

Small Successes

Build Self-Confidence

I want to demystify how the treatment works. We start with what’s going for you right now in the moment to assess your symptoms and the consequences of those symptoms on your daily life.

We’ll discuss your treatment goals; what you want to accomplish as a result of our work together. To build your confidence in the process, we’ll being by focusing on relieving your symptoms.

We’ll start with small steps and working up to a distance run. You’ll be amazed at your own resilience and the wealth of personal resources you possess.

If medication is indicated, we’ll explore a variety of options, as there is a plethora of different meds and combinations of meds available ensuring we’ll find the right prescription for your needs.

What Comes From The Heart

Goes To The Heart

One memorable patient taught me the profound lesson about being in the moment with someone.

Completing my rounds at Yale New Haven Hospital, I came upon an elderly woman who’d been hospitalized for chest pain. It was night. She was nervous and alone.

I noticed a sweet photo of a young couple circa 1950 on her bedside table, so I pulled up a chair and asked her about it.

She’d met her husband walking to work 51 years ago. Three adult kids and six beautiful grandchildren later, her husband had died a year ago, leaving a sizable hole in her heart.

Her eyes twinkled as she recalled these memories and her nervousness subsided. In that instant she went into cardiac arrest, passing quickly with a serene smile upon her face.

Chris Viagrande is by far the very best in this field! I searched for a long time to find someone who was attentive, compassionate and truly interested in helping me and doing it with genuine interest!

I cannot say enough about the help he gave to me! He is just the best of the best and I was so grateful that I found him!!

Thank you Chris for the real person you are!!



In my experience, most mental health professionals are surprisingly judgmental and biased individuals.

Chris isn't, and his approach to treating patients is by far the best I've seen in any medical field.

If I could give a higher rating, I would.


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